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Enterprise Solutions
We provide faster and efficient Enterprise solutions with various technologies like Documentum, Sharepoint, Alfresco and, Joomla as per client requirements.
ECM Training
We have experienced and certified staff available for Documentum, Sharepoint, Alfresco and Joomla who can deliver online as well in-person training.

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Documentum Consulting Services

EMC Documentum is the leader in enterprise content management, records management, and EDMS (electronic document management system) solution space. We do provide below services for EMC products.

  • EMC Documentum :
  • EMC Documentum is a leading ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution that enables organizations to unite teams, content and associated business processes. Documentum's integrated set of content, compliance, and collaboration solutions support the way people work, from initial discussion and planning through design, production, marketing, sales, service, and corporate administration. With a single platform, Documentum enables people to collaboratively create, manage, deliver, and archive the content that drives business operations, from documents and discussions to e-mail, Web pages, records, and rich media. The Documentum platform makes it possible for companies to distribute all of this content in multiple languages, across internal and external systems, applications, and user communities.

  • Trainings areas :
  • Documentum Form Builder, Documentum Process Suite (Business Process Manager / Process Builder), Documentum Foundation Classes, Documentum Composer, Web Development Kit, Documentum Task Space, Documentum Business Activity Monitor, Documentum eRoom, Documentum Web Top, Documentum Compliance Manager, Documentum Digital Asset Manager, Documentum Records Manager, Documentum Web Publisher, Documentum Content Transformation Services (DTS/ADTS/RPTS), Documentum Retention Policy Services, Documentum Site Caching Services / Site Delivery Services and Documentum Administration